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Nucs, or nucleus colonies, are small honey bee colonies created from larger colonies. The term refers both to the smaller size box and the colony of honeybees within it. The name is derived from the fact that a nuc hive is centered on a queen, the nucleus of the honey bee colony.


Queen Rearing

The process of developing a new queen as the choice of the beekeeper rather than the choice of the bees themselves. Queen rearing requires the use of a movable comb or movable frame hive so the hive components can be moved in the way the beekeeper requires to rear the new queens.


Local Honey

Local honey can help soothe sore throats, sunburns, dry skins, acne, skin infections, or to calm a cough. Local honey comes from bees that are in your area, pollinating the flowers, trees, and weeds that are troublesome to you. The reason raw is important is because it has not be altered by heat, which is commonly believed to destroy the healing properties of honey.



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We are selling Italian and Russian Bee Packages.


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