We started bee keeping around the year of 2010, primarily as a hobby and now we have grown into a small bee farm located in Silk Hope, NC.  We provide Italian & Russian honey bee kits in the spring, bee supplies, and also offer services to help new bee keepers get started. Always available for any questions regarding maintenance of honey bees and their hives!


  • Currently a member of the Chatham County Bee Keepers Inc. Bee Keeper Association.
  • Planning on raising queen bees so they will be local.
  • We will be renting hives for pollination services.
  • Also projecting to produce a by-product of honey which is good for allergies.


Our incentive is to preserve bees for pollination of every day local crops, like tomatoes, onions, beans and fruit trees.  For our food security, we respect and value the honey bees as a source of survival for sustainable farms. Ultimately, bees symbolize are need to work together, building strength, industriousness and wisdom for our future. Bees have much to teach us as they are fascinating, beautiful and their importance is beyond measure.

Amazing fact: Honeybees spend almost all of their time feeding other bees, rather than themselves.  Not only will you find a bee always ready to feed another bee, they will even feed bees from another colony! Socially, they interact and like to “bee” with one another.  This is a great example of sharing with each other; sharing knowledge, the good news and services that help one another.


Encouraging words: “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Psalms 119:103





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